Opinions are not that of my employer – A message to Citizens and Police Leadership as the LESM debate heats up

LESM is short for Law Enforcement on Social Media

By Danny McGlashing, OP Editor

Should cops have the right to use social media? ..not for department usage or investigative purposes, but for their own reasons.

Cops are citizens so the question is seemingly as arbitrary as asking: should citizens

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Watch live tomorrow morning as Police Officers present to Parliament, evidence of nationwide crime stat manipulation

We will be livestreaming (below) as officers both serving and retired present evidence of widespread crime stat manipulation to Parliament tomorrow morning, 9:30 a.m. Our friend PC James Patrick will be there front and center presenting evidence alongside officers of …

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London police whistleblower calls for outside monitor to take over internal affairs, citing widespread internal corruption

Rape and Robbery Taking a Backseat To Internal Promotions in UK Police Forces

In a firsthand account report, recently released as evidence of crime stat manipulation (via parliament.uk), London Metropolitan Police Constable James J. Patrick highlights the need for an independent police monitor to replace current internal ‘Professional Standards’ departments after revealing widespread

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