(Petition) OMC & OcPo Want Lieutenant John Pike OUT

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This is a joint effort between Occupy Police & Occupy Marines. We are petitioning both, the California State Government and the US Federal Government in an attempt to have Lieutenant John Pike’s Employment with the UC Davis Police Department, terminated once this petition receives it’s 10,000th signature. Lt. Pike showed a lack of both restraint and crowd control knowledge when he blatantly sprayed 11 UC Davis students in the face at point blank range with pepper spray. These students were fully within their constitutional rights being exactly where and as they were, when Lt Pike in an attempt to remove them; blatantly and nonchalantly sprayed them in the face with pepper spray. We feel that this action could have been avoided had properly trained officers been on site, furthermore, and in addition to the latter, we feel that the visible lack of remorse shown in both Lt. Pike’s stride and nonchalant facial expression while delivering projectile acid directly to the faces of 11 students is grounds for a full psychological evaluation, we are requesting this evaluation be executed immediately and prior to our termination request. We ask for the results of this evaluation to be made public. Results should in no way add gravity to this petitions request for Lt. Pike’s termination from the UC Davis Police Department.

In addition, to Lt. Pike’s employment termination, and full psychological evaluation, we request a full federal investigation into the UC Davis Police Department. We the undersigned and citizens of America feel adequate leadership is/was not present, and is/was needed at UC Davis PD. We ask you to investigate their leadership, and release publicly any findings regarding your investigation -

We The Undersigned Citizens of the United States of America and abroad

OcPo – OMC

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2 thoughts on “(Petition) OMC & OcPo Want Lieutenant John Pike OUT

  1. I am a former Chicago Police Officer and former Marine, and I support the organizers of both OccupyPolice and OccupyMarines.

    However, I believe the attention being placed on Lt. Pike is unwarranted.

    Just like our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, it appears to me that Lt. Pike is implementing a flawed policy.

    I would prefer that OWS location be cleared simply for the sake of clearing it. Just like any community, festival, concert, or gathering of any sort, police activity should be limited to keeping peace and maintaining public order.

    In the above letter it seems that your criticism is centered on Lt. Pike’s lack of emotion while deploying the pepper spray. Yet, when I watch the video, it appears that the crowd has already disregarded his verbal commands to disperse and he must, according to many acceptable use of force continuums, proceed to physically removing them.

    Would you rather that Lt. Pike used pepper spray out of anger or frustration?

    Before the broad acceptance of pepper spray by law enforcement, when protesters decided to lock arms and sit (as a means of passive protest) the police were forced to used other forms of pain compliance to get them to release one another. This included things like pressing on the protesters mandible or applying pressure to the area between the top lip and nose.

    However, a very determined individual could resist these techniques for quite some time and applying them places the officer at additional risk of injury.

    Pepper spay, on the other hand, allows the officer to achieve pain compliance from a safe distance, and pepper spray causes irritation to the mucus membranes regardless of the determination of the protester.

    If you watch the video closely, it appears Lt. Pike is warning the seated protesters that he is going to deploy the pepper spray. They all have the option of getting up and walking away. Instead, they chose to hunch down, pull shirts up over their faces, and prepare to be sprayed.

    They all chose, as their right, to stage an act of civil disobedience. They knew their act was going to require the police to forcibly remove them. They also chose to remain in a position where they were going to be subject to pepper spray, after they were warned.

    We should keep our attention focused on indiscriminate and unjustified uses of force, and the policy makers who are putting our police officers in these untenable situation.

    Beyond your push to have Lt. Pike fired, please keep up the good work highlighting that the police are in 99%, and let’s work to keep situations like that at UC Davis from even being a possibility.

    Thank you,

    John Keene

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