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A Call to People & Police – The Senate Passed a Bill Today Officially Turning America Into a “Police State” – #OWS #OcPo

The era of

*Warning, this post contains fear and truth, proceed with caution -

So you thought the Police were bad, well, getting arrested, posting bail, calling your lawyer, paying fines and leaving a court, angry and upset are a thing of the past. Welcome to the year 2011. We are on the brink of the year 2012, the year some have called “The End” The end of the line, the end of the road etc. etc. you’ve heard it all, already. I remember laughing at those whack jobs who whined about “The End of The World”, but I’m not laughing anymore. The Senate passed a bill just hours ago while most of the east coast was arriving at work, and while the west coast was still asleep. The bill, (Sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA) in a nutshell allows the United States Military to detain anyone in the world, at anytime and detain them indefinitely. What that means is if the United States Government sees you as a threat to ….the United States Government, then they will come to your house, while your family is asleep, and under the cover of darkness, they will hijack you from your bed, throw you in a solitary holding cell at an undisclosed military location, and if they see fit, you will never leave that cell   ….ever.  …your family will never hear from you again, end of story.

So, why does this matter? Well, with all of the recent court case turnarounds in the last 20 years due to DNA samples and the technology to make a positive or negative DNA connection to a suspect, I’m left wondering,  how many good people spent time in a state prison for a crime they did not commit? So many have been exonerated in the past 20 years because of the publicity around their case, publicity which put political pressure on the system. This “publicity” and “political pressure” when placed upon the same system that put someone in prison, has the power to set them free. Public Pressure has proven to be what is needed when an innocent inmate needs officials to go back and take a second look. Hundreds of good people, wrongly convicted have, (after a retrial and DNA) testing) been given a retrial, proved their innocence through DNA fact, and been let free..

What happens when there is no trial, no publicity, and no phone call, even worse, what happens when the military grabs the wrong guy? Will they let him go? What if they don’t? What if they capture an innocent American  man or woman, and they torture them? What happens if they find out this innocent American is innocent, will they let them go? What if they won’t…..  and worst of all, what if they won’t, and that person gets free somehow, and shares their story, does the government think Americans will take kindly to hearing about this?

I have too many questions, and I’ve received no answers from my political leaders. It seems as if they’ve gone solo and decided to act on their own behalf.  I for one, will not sit back and watch this happen, the time has come to reel in our leaders. The time has come to demand transparency and accountability. I was born in 1984, I will not watch my country become it. I know there are those in LE who are sitting back and thinking the same thing. You know that when you deliver a criminal to a court house that the person you’re delivering is going to be safe, you’re there to make sure of it, you are in our neighborhoods making sure of it, and if I dialed 911, you’d be by my side making sure of it. This bill strips American of those sureties, and we no longer feel safe and secure with the type of paranoid leaders we have in office today.

As of right now the military is training a small force of 20,000 in Utah, who can, as of this morning, begin detaining anyone within our borders at any time for anything. A lot of people are about to become nervous, and paranoid around their government, and you are fast becoming all that is left between us, all that is good. We ask that you step up with us. You have been trained to be aware, trained to use common sense, and trained to protect, we ask that you use your training to help us combat the deceptive and dark role our government is beginning to take on. We need transparency, we need truth, and we need you. Do not let your voice die out with your job contract, you have a voice here at OcPo. You may want to keep your faces hidden, but you should not feel as if you have no voice, in fact, we are here to make sure that you don’t feel that way, but how we make you feel, and how you actually contribute are 2 different things, and I am asking you now to step up and make a difference. Take a few minutes of your time and do your research on exactly what the Senate passed today. Then meet back here in 2 weeks and use OcPo Connect, we need to hear from you, the time is not yesterday, it’s not tomorrow, and it’s certainly not after right wing militias or the US Military has taken over your posts, the time is NOW -


Please Note: Obama will veto this bill, however, Obama may be out of office in 2012, and this bill will pass to the next president. OcPo does not believe the US government will take you from your bed, OcPo does not believe the US Government will take over every Police Department, but, what we do believe, and know, is that this bill makes that a legal, and acceptable possibility, and OcPo will not sit idly by and watch that become even a remote POSSIBILITY for the American People -

Click HERE for a list (including active Twitter accounts) of the senators who supported this, and the senators who attempted to defeat it -

7 thoughts on “A Call to People & Police – The Senate Passed a Bill Today Officially Turning America Into a “Police State” – #OWS #OcPo

  1. I am glad bush is no longer president, if he was this bill would for sure go through. I hope americans are ready for the day when violence becomes nessecary and police are ready for the day when the choice between upholding the law and destroying an innocent person’s life becomes a very real thing… America these days, never fails to dissapoint.

  2. This isn’t the America that I grew up in and not the America I want to leave to my children.I believe that 2012 will be the beginning and not the end. I also believe that the meek will inherit the earth and those who hide behind their wealth and power will be brought to justice. They can no longer ignore us and they will never be able to silence us.
    This is the beginning of the beginning.

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  3. If we sit still and let this happen then we are no better then the appressed in all of the third world countrys we are looking after.
    Do we have any one in Goverment that has read the Constitution?
    We do have the IV Amendent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you’re not there yet allow for me to assist. America, as we’ve known it, is done, The faster we realize this fact the quicker we envision and build a future closer to the hearts and souls of all good people. Let’s not miss the window of opportunity – closing fast. Keep vigil your status update soon to launch here – http://www.americanrevolution2.com


      A Decorated U.S. Army Combat Disabled War Veteran (2009)

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