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US Senators Who Supported the “Indefinite Detention” Sections of the 2012 NDAA – #OWS #OcPo

Twitter Accounts and names of Senators Who Supported the Sections of the 2012 NDAA Which Strip Americans of Freedom

- SENATORS WHO SUPPORTED INDEFINITE DETENTION – Note: Please Fact check this this, it came from an outside source.

Here is a list of twitter IDs for senators who voted for/against S1867 Defense Authorization act.

Senators who voted for:

@senjohnbarrasso @senronjohnson @senrockefeller @sen_joemanchin @pattymurray @us_sen_cantwell @markwarner @senatorleahy @orrinhatch @kaybaileyhutch @senalexander @senbobcorker @johnthune @senronjohnson @grahamblo @senwhitehouse @sentoomey @senbobcasey @jiminhofe @robportman @sensherrodbrown @senjohnhoeven @kayhagan @senschumer @sengillibrand @tomudall @SenatorMenendez @senatorlautenberg @jeanneshaheen @senatorayotte @senatorreid @deanheller @mike_johanns @senbennelson @clairecmc @rogerwicker @alfranken @stabenow @sencarllevin @johnkerry @scottbrownma @senatorsnowe @senatorcollins @davidvitter @senlandrieu @mcconnellpress @moranforkansas @tomharkin @senatorlugar @sendancoats @senatorkirk @senatordurbin @daniel_inouye @senatorakaka @senatorisakson @saxby08 @senbillnelson @chriscoons @senatorcarper @joelieberman @senblumenthal @markudall @mbennet @barbaraboxer @johnboozman @senjohnmccain @lisamurkowski @senatorbigich @senshelbypress @senatorsessions

Senators who voted for the NDAA who do not have twitter accounts:
Kohl (D-WI) Webb (D-VA) Reed (D-RI) Conrad (D-ND) Bingaman (D-NM) Cochran (R-MS) Klobuchar (D-MN) Cardin (D-MD) Mikulski (D-MD) Roberts (R-KS) Kirk (R-IL) Durbin (D-IL) Feinstein (D-CA) Pryor (D-AR) Kyl (R-AZ)

Following are the senators who voted *against* the act who are on twitter.

@marcorubio @chuckgrassley @senrandpaul @senatorburr @johncornyn @tomcoburn @senmikelee @senatorsanders @jimdemint @senjeffmerkley @ronwyden

Senators who votes against who are *not* on twitter:

Cornyn (R-TX), Crapo (R-ID), Risch (R-ID)


We’d like to thank Jennifer Lasher for curating the list for this post -

17 thoughts on “US Senators Who Supported the “Indefinite Detention” Sections of the 2012 NDAA – #OWS #OcPo

  1. It’d probably be more helpful to list the senator’s name and then their twitter account. As is it’s near impossible to ID your senator unless you already know their twitter name, which I’m willing to bet most people don’t.

  2. That list has 14 listings for people voting against it, but John Cornyn (R-TX) voted for it even though he has been listed both as voting against it under the “with twitter” list and as voting against it under the “without twitter” list.

  3. According to govtrack.us only seven senators voted against it: Sanders, Vermont; Lee, Utah; Wyden & Merkley, Oregon; Coburn, Oklahoma; Paul, Kentucky; Harkin, Iowa; *will look for twitternames now

  4. Trying not spam here, sorry, but my comment is still in mod for link and I know this is time sensitive: I just checked list above and as far as the twitternames go, the only one that needs to be removed from the “VOTED FOR” column is @tomharkin (he voted against it) didn’t get around to the non-twitter usernames. Good luck!

  5. @senrandpaul @tomcoburn @senmikelee @senatorsanders @senjeffmerkley @ronwyden @tomharkin

    twitternames for sen voted *against*.

    Cornyn (R-TX), Crapo (R-ID), Risch (R-ID) all three voted *for*.

    Hope this helps! We can work together to make these politicians know they are hurting america! Go peeps!

  6. Stella Harrison

    I am amazed at the number of Democrates that voted for this bill. Where are your heads? Do we really want to turn into a police state? Gitmo is bad enough. We should be ashamed atwhat Homeland Security is doing. Where are all of our freedoms going?

  7. I dont know about all of you who have seen this but WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?????
    We go to other countries and build them military units to protect and serve!!! We teach all or most of our strategies instead of allowing them to keep freedom from humans. Why the hell would they teach it and then become what we have always tried to stop? Is this really a credited sight? why hasnt it went completely over the air? Do you really think that America the land of the free is going to change like this? What if this is some sick person just getting the thrill of scaring the hell out of all of you which come to notice is a terrist game at hand? Think about what your reading and investigate it before reacting

  8. To anonymous- wake up. The floor debate was aired on CSPAN. The bill is available for download. Senator Paul has been on Fox News denouncing the bill. Investigate it now yourself before its too late and it becomes law.

  9. Where can I find an official list. I do not know which is accurate. The list I got from the Daily Paul had both Crapo and Risch from Idaho voting in favor of the amendment and you have them voting against.

  10. PersonWhoReadTheBill

    I have seen threads on this for weeks now. Would someone PLEASE READ THE BILL before posting. The bill EXPLICITLY EXCLUDES any American citizen or legal resident from the detainment provision. The provision applies ONLY to foreign terror suspects directly linked to Al Qaeda or the 9/11 attacks. This provision keeps the Admin from shutting down Gitmo and forcing civilian trials. I suspect most of you that posted were just as unhappy when the Administration tried to release a number of the Gitmo detainees. Did anyone stop to think that maybe all this internet hoopla was started by the very people that want to shut down Gitmo?

    Just please read the bill (ALL OF IT) before getting all riled up.

    • Care to share your link, and specific page of where you read the part that excludes the American people? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks! H.R.1054 says conferees were appointed and Senate requested it be printed as passed, no wonder everyone is still in limbo.

    • I have read the bill as well (person who claims to have read the bill) and while you are correct that it appears to exempt Americans from indefinite detention, if you read through to the end of the bill you will see that it specifies that people detained on suspicion of “terrorism”, “including American Citizens” may be turned over to military detention……. It is very clear, it has been covered on many news broadcasts, many papers, many web sites….. don’t be fooled by people who claim to have read the bill but have not.

  11. PersonWhoReadTheBill: I, too, have read the Bill. Yes, this Bill does threaten American citizens as related to indefinite detention among other issues. Diane Feinstein, who has also read the Bill, reacted by introducing the “Due Process Guarantee Act” (http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/10230-feinstein-introduces-due-process-guarantee-act): “The measure, entitled the Due Process Guarantee Act of 2011, is an attempt by Feinstein and her co-sponsors to prevent American citizens detained under applicable provisions of the NDAA from being denied their constitutional right to the due process of law.” So, it would seem the deep concern is warranted. Check out the Bill in all its detail here: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-2647

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