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TAKING A STAND!! – California Sheriffs UNITE in Support of the Constitution – #OWS #OcPo

This has been ongoing for over a month, and their support is growing locally in California, America is falling apart, corrupt politicians and federal agencies are undermining our nation! Now is the time to right the wrongs. – OcPo

This video is over an hour long, allot the time to watch it in it’s entirety, it’s worth it -

21 thoughts on “TAKING A STAND!! – California Sheriffs UNITE in Support of the Constitution – #OWS #OcPo

    • Jess McLaughlin

      So proud to see all the support from our Sheriffs. I would be proud to stand next to them and anybody else that understands that our rights and liberties are being stripped from us all on an almost daily basis…United…

  1. Sherrifs have the capacity to deputize. What would happen if a sherrif deputized all of the demonstrators in their area? Whoa.. My grandfather was the Sherrif of Goshen county in wyoming for a very long time. I grew up with respect for Sheriffs and these fine men are just affirming that confidence. Thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Thanks for your support guys, if only all the federal services stood up then this world would change far quicker and alot more peacefully. I agree with the Deputize Idea!!!

    • I don’t believe you are ignorant at all. These are sometimes complicated issues. Here are a few things to ask yourself. Regarding dams. I know some environmentalists are against them, but if you remove them you have two problems. What do you use to replace the energy generated by them? Coal? Nuclear? Not really good ideas if you look at what they do to the environment. If you remove dams, how do you maintain water supplies during the summer and fall months? We are already short on water, removing dams just makes it worse. In regard to land management, how do the feds justify saying that our property, owned by states and the citizens, should become their property? By what right do they intend to deny you and your descendents access to property paid for by your own taxes?

      Just some things to ponder friend.. not simple but the general opinion is shifting to favour what these respectable honourable men are offering to defend.

  3. I am from Tehama County (though not currently living there) and I guess I am unclear on the issue they’re taking action against.

    I am all for localizing control in just about everything, but what is it the feds are doing? I heard mention of taking swaths of land & designating them ‘National Monuments’, barring local access. Is that correct?

    I was also looking at http://www.siskiyoucountywaterusers.com and saw their opposition to klamath river dam removal- I have to be honest I don’t know much about the topic but my perception has been that removing dams is beneficial to the environment.

    Perhaps my ignorance is showing, but I want to find out what is happening here. You don’t have to explain it all to me but if you could direct me someplace (or two places) that shows the full spectrum of the argument that’d be great. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much Karen… a new perspective on the constitution vs the government. It also makes obvious that the founding fathers were concerned that government in the future might try to take our rights away. Their foresight is impressive by any measure, and your clarity of expression is invaluable to us and our future.

  5. Thank you so much. Yesterday, as I passed by my Sheriff’s office, I thought about how I might approach their office to have a conversation as to where they stand specifically with #NDAA. Thank you for taking your oath for all of us.

    • i couldn’t agree with you more! we all need to find points of agreement and take back our country. i am so glad to see things like this with the sheriffs. gives me some hope:)

  6. The differences between Tea Partiers and Occupy don’t matter: what’s important is the issues we agree on.

    What’s exciting to me about this – and several other vids of Sheriffs in other states (primarily the West) protecting their jurisdiction against Federal encroachments, is that it is finally bringing to light both the biggest problem and the solution to that problem that we face as citizens. The Feds have encroached, over several hundred years (and especially the last century), into State sovereignty to the point where States have become vassals to the Feds. This is completely against the Founders goals for this nation; the States were intended to have a huge amount of autonomy, and the Constitution clearly enumerates the VERY limited rights the Feds have, in addition to clearly stating that any other rights not mentioned were assumed to the States and The People.

    Contrast that to the actual reality.

    The solution is for the States to reclaim their rights to sovereignty. Control their own economies, their politics. Severing the control the Feds exercise over this nation is the key to reclaiming it for the People.

  7. I, like Mr.Bonnifet, am not convinced that these Sheriff’s would go “back to back” with OWS demonstrators. It was good to see such local involvement with the community over the Road Issue, and hear them give lip service to the Constitution, but didn’t each sheriff have a vested interest (land owner) that was being effected by the Federal Govt. attempt to intrude into the county’s that they serve. Without that “vested interest” being as obvious…would they stand so tall?

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