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NYPD Officer Reveals Mass Corruption and Is thrown Into A Psych Ward – Here’s the Secret Recording of His Home Invasion

If you’re not up to speed with what’s been going on behind closed doors in New York… well.. you should be. The video you are about to watch is the last recording made by New York Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft before police (at the time) Chief Marino (Brooklyn North), Deputy Inspector Mauriello (81 CO), Captain Lauterborn (81 XO) and various other officers in plainclothes forcibly entered his house, arrested, and committed him to a psychiatric ward. Adrian had spent the better part of 2 years secretly recording what proves to be massive corruption within the New York Police Department. The sort of corruption that directly affects the average civilian. Below are examples of the sort of corruption recorded, which is very similar to the sort of thing Commissioner Ray Kelly said he wouldn’t appologize for in a recent speaking engagement with Fordham Law School Alumni.  If you’re a New Yorker and you’ve been a victim at the hands of the NYPD then chances are this man had knowledge of it, and wanted to expose it. If you are not familiar with Adrian’s story then please read this piece written by the Village Voice  prior to watching this video, if you are aware of Adrian’s story then proceed to watch the video -


Secret Arrest Tape – NYPD Officer exposes mass corruption and is thrown into a psych ward from occupy police on Vimeo.


More Recordings Revealing Corruption In the 81st Precinct Listed Below By Date

June 12, 2008 - The Hounds Are Coming

Precinct supervisors talk about a specific “numbers” quota, warn cops to pick up their numbers, or else, and complain about outside inspections.

JANUARY 28, 2009 - How Many Superstars and How Many Losers Do You Have

In this excerpt, the 81st Precinct commander, a lieutenant and a sergeant talk about the constant pressure from bosses, and push cops to “get their numbers.”

FEBRUARY 20, 2009 - If We Like You, You Get a Certain Thing. If We Don't Like You, You Get a Certain Thing.

In this excerpt, Adrian Schoolcraft meets with Lieutenant Rafael Mascol, who makes a series of unguarded remarks about how the NYPD rates officers.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 - Just Knock It Off, All Right? We're Adults

In this roll call, a supervisor tells officers to stop drawing penises in each other’s memo books and drawing graffiti on the walls. There’s also an extended speech on the virtues of personal hygiene.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 - This Is Crunch Time

The pressure for “numbers” (summonses, arrests, stop and frisks and community visits) was worst at the end of each month and the end of each quarter because that’s when individual officers had to file their activity reports. In other words, stay away from cops after the 25th of the month.

OCTOBER 4, 2009 - It's Not About Squashing Numbers

In this roll call, precinct supervisors order officers to be skeptical about robbery victims, and tell the cops that the precinct commander and two aides call victims to question them about their complaints.

OCTOBER 12, 2009 - How Do We Know This Guy Really Got Robbed?

Police officers are supposed to take crime complaints, but in this roll call, a sergeant tells cops not to take robbery complaints if the victim won’t immediately return to speak with detectives. She questions the victim’s motives, too.

The final recording was done on October 31st 2009 inside Adrians home, you can find it in the video at the top of this post




Occupy Police can no longer sit around while good cops get shit on – we will take a stand for ethical cops, we will give those like Adrian a voice, we will not let cops who care about the people live in fear – Long story short, it’s game over for the corrupt -

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7 thoughts on “NYPD Officer Reveals Mass Corruption and Is thrown Into A Psych Ward – Here’s the Secret Recording of His Home Invasion

    • Oh, they will get nothing but reecspt on those.It reminds me of one of my first encounters with B’more police. Walking on North Avenue my wife and I caught ourselves in jay walking in front of a police car. We looked over and the cop in the passenger seat was grabbing the loud hailer. Having just moved from LA, we were prepared for a stern lecture. Instead he starts singing”Po-lice on a Segway, on a Segway, on a Segway” We looked across the North (5 lanes and a wide medium for those not familiar with Baltimore) and scooting along the sidewalk is cop on a Segway, safely topped by a bike helmet. He would have looked ridiculous even if he wasn’t being mocked by his fellow officers. At that point we knew we were in a very different city than LA (ok, there might have been a few points before that).

  1. I was a college gaadurte when I joined the Army, to play in a band. At the end of basic training, a drill instructor asked me why musicians did disproportionately well in Soldier of the Cycle competitions. The best answer I could come up with was that many of us has at least some college and were a little older than most, which gave us some maturity. I’ll stand by that answer, and add the we had some self-discipline, and an ability to see things in context better, both of which are college skills learned largely outside the classroom. I don’t see why the same shouldn’t be true for cops.

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