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Camden NJ Police Are Under Attack and Residents Are Not Allowed To Vote – Please Sign This Petition

Camden’s Police Department is under attack by our own City, County & State Elected Officials.Our politicians are actively pushing a plan called the Metro Police Plan that calls for our 141 yr.old police department to be dismantled. The entire police force will be fired. Up to 49% of our dedicated & experienced officers may be rehired. It could be 5%.This is simply a union-busting move to change our professional law enforcement force into a politically selected one. Power & Control over the public safety decisions would be transferred out of the hands of our public safety experts and into the hands of our politicians.
We have had international media interest in our situation because they realize that if the politicians can do it in Camden (2nd most dangerous city in America), it will be much easier to do to others.

Both the police & residents know that the proposed plan will not work in Camden. Removing our educated, trained & experienced officers in the middle of our war on crime would be a disaster. The result will be another failed political plan that will leave the taxpayers to suffer the consequences both physically & financially! Removing safeguards, watering down policies & silencing the voices of safety experts will be a major blow for everyone.

Residents are outraged that such an unproven, untested & unqualified plan could even be considered when they are in the middle of a crisis. NOT one public safety expert has given their full support to this plan!

Camden IS NOT Mayberry! We are proud of our entire police force who continue to be brave as they go after the most dangerous criminals everyday they put on the badge.

Experts know that community relationships are key in such a challenging environment. Our police officers know our city and respect our people. They have extensive knowledge about our issues and understand our cultural differences. They know the good residents from the bad. They have developed a trust with our community members and often get valuable assistance from their relationship.

We all know this plan will lead to increased criminal activity for both our city, county and state. When crime goes up, families move out and the criminals move in. The taxpayers will unfairly see their property values go down as their taxes go up. We saw what happened when the government allowed Wall Street to remove safeguards, weaken policies and silence experts with early warnings. The cuts to our public safety are a result of that political failure. We can’t have it happen again.

Our city residents are also being denied their constitutional right to vote on this plan that they know will put their city in further decline. Camden’s elected officials are waging an expensive legal battle to stop the residents from having the opportunity to vote on this plan. Camden residents are having their own tax dollars used to pay for the legal battle to silence their own voice!

Together, the community & police union members have united and developed a plan that will will work.

From the City’s actions to dismantle the police dept. & keep the residents from getting to vote, it is obvious they are not seeking solutions…they are seeking more power!

We appreciate everyone’s support to help us win this war so that they can’t do the same to you!

It is also important to mention that over half of our police officers stand to lose their own home if the elected officials win. We need to make sure that we have public safety experts in charge of our public safety.

Please sign the petition to stop the Camden County/Metro Police Plan.

Camden county and city officials have no right to proceed with a plan with such serious financial and safety implications for both the city and county without allowing the residents the opportunity to vote. Help us make our voice stronger and louder!

Thank you!