The Rest Is Silence by Officer James Patrick

Please read Officer James Patrick’s ‘The Rest Is Silence’ a fully documented background to police reform in the United Kingdom, the G4S scandal around the Olympics 2012 and a detailed exploration of the next political scandal waiting to happen: think tanks and ministers. – All proceeds go to the UK Cops Foundation for families of fallen officers.

Excerpt: ” I’d never really been involved in any type of group, movement or activism before but, I suppose, I became part of something. I still don’t really know what! This dawned on me when Occupy Police, based in the US, picked up the YouTube video and posted it to their web site.

I felt a bit rebellious when this happened, like a naughty school kid, but I really just thought, “crickey, now there’s a breakthrough”. You see, if an international movement like Occupy, very often pitched against the police, could see something that we could all work towards, legally, ethically. Peacefully. Then, maybe, something really special could happen. ” -

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