This Mission Statement is retired, please read the updated version here.

Mission Statement:

When people see the police, they no longer think ‘hero’, they see
a villain. This was not always the case.

The police have been constantly beaten by the competing and
changing demands placed upon them, to the point where they are now seen as:

The street-level face of power, agents of the
state; the urge to fight them is overwhelming. Political drive and
corporate agenda, working hand in hand, have cascaded down to us, the people, the police;
and it is here, that the street level confrontation lies.

Those in the corridors of power and financial influence do not want
this on their doorstep; they have been happy to create and maintain
a system, that keeps the blood off their hands.

Occupy Police is about one thing; bridging the divide, removing the
wedge driven between the police and public. In bridging this gap, the
influence of politics and money can be driven out, and with it,
the corruption that breeds.

The police are the public and the public are the police; the police
need to be reminded that they are there to protect and serve us and,
equally, we must remind them that we still want them to do that;
impartially, without any other agenda other than truth and justice.

It’s time we’re all reminded of this and, time for this call to
shake the establishment, to it’s core.



United we stand.